Kingdom of the Mallos: Ayerbe / Riglos

The village of Ayerbe is the traditional communications hub between the plains and mountains and home to important agricultural and livestock market. Here you can find the Santiago Ramon y Cajal Interpretation Centre.

He was a Nobel prize winner in Medicine, who spent much of his childhood in Ayerbe. By visiting what was his home, you can learn about his life and his contribution to scientific research through his drawings, photographs, instruments, microscopes and other objects, accompanied by a number of anecdotes and curiosities.

Alongside the river Gallego in the picturesque village of Riglos, stand the "Mallos"; an impressive rock formation  with 300-metre high vertical walls, home to one of the largest colonies of griffon vultures in Europe, which can be seen nesting and soaring high above. There is an ornithological observation centre: “Arcaz raptors” which allows visitors to see red kites, eagles, owls and vultures close up in their natural habitat through modern observation apparatus and with live-feed cameras.