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The Sierra Gratal: Gorgas de San Julian and Salto de Roldán.  

At the foot of the Sierra de Gratal, a beautiful trail amongst oak trees, olive trees and scrub, leads to The Gorgas de San Julian; a dry ravine with at its foot an ancient hermitage cave.

Vertical cliffs and deposits that have been eroded by water over millennia have formed the most spectacular caves and its peculiar relief. The bus tour continues to the Salto de Roldán, a spectacular landscape, which offered a natural defence in the Middle Ages, it is now the perfect spot to observe birds of prey. From here a narrow paved trail leads to a wide esplanade where we are at the two large rock formations: San Miguel and Amman. Legend has it that the French knight Roldán, in order to escape his persecutors, spurred his horse on to make a  jump (salto) over this enormous gorge. The view here is spectacular and it is the perfect spot to watch vultures as well as other birds of prey. A unique place where history, nature, sports, legends and magic all come together.

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