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Valley of Belsué: Belsué and Nocito  

On the northern slopes of the Natural Park of the Sierra de Guara are the Belsué and Nocito valleys, studded with small villages, some uninhabited, where time seems to have stood still.

Its buildings and lifestyle continue in its purest tradition of towns and villages of this region in days gone by. By Cabañeras, the annual migratory trail moving livestock from the plains into the mountains and back, was once the only means of communication between the two. You can visit various “pardinas”, the original herdsman's shelters, which are now almost all obsolete. From the Sanctuary of San Úrbez, which was a place of pilgrimage enabling people to pray for the long-awaited rain, a mountain trail runs down to the perfectly preserved village of Nocito where you can find originally decorated lintels, family crests, fireplaces and “espantabrujas”, a type of traditional chimney which, according to local folklore, expels witches. Showing a past life which was isolated, hard and austere.  

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