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Located in the Chapter House and the cloisters of the Cathedral of Huesca, it was created in 1945 by Bishop Rodrigo Lino and houses some important pieces of religious art from the Cathedral itself as well as some parishes and monasteries within the Diocese.

The museum exhibits some very important goldwork such as the altar of Our Lady of Salas which dates back to the 14th century, as well as numerous other precious artifacts like the reliquary caskets of Limoges and a wide variety of religious chalices, processional crosses and other priceless objects. The medieval art room holds some important paintings from the 13th to the 15th century such as the tableaus of the altarpiece of the village of Pallaruelo de Monegros by the Gothic painter Martin Soria  (1449-1487) and the altarpiece of The Coronation of the Virgin by Pedro de Zuera (1430-1469). The so called “Parroquieta” contains important Renaissance and Baroque works in the Aragonese Mudejar style. The museum also houses the altarpiece of the Abbey of Montearagon by Gil Morlanes as well as paintings by the Bayeu brothers, Luis Muñoz and Vicente Berdusán.

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