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Huesca for Everybody

Huesca wants to share the fantastic quality of life with all its services and amenities with the visitors thus enabling them to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable stay enjoying the hospitality the Oscenses (the people of Huesca) are famous for.

A quiet leisurely walk through the streets of the old town, browsing in the traditional shops and the sampling its delicious gastronomy can be supplemented with visits to its famous monuments like The Gothic Cathedral, The Church of San Pedro Viejo, The Diocesan Museum, The Provincial Archaeological Museum and The Centre for Art and Nature: CDAN, designed by the architect Rafael Moneo and which houses works and hold exhibitions of contemporary artists.

In the direct vicinity of the city is a network of foot- and cycle paths which will lead you to picturesque spots like fountains, springs and chapels such as: Salas, Cillas and Loreto or the ruins of the castle of Montearagón, which dominates the plains of Hoya de Huesca. Furthermore, the unique environment of the province of Huesca offers its visitors an enormous variety of leisure activities from golf to paragliding and from water sports like rafting and canoeing to windsurfing. For the more adventurous there are other, more risky sports like rock- and mountain climbing as well as canyoning in the nearby Sierra Guara.

A special mention is needed for the Festivities in honour of the patron saint San Lorenzo; the city’s annual Fiesta is celebrated from 9 to 15 of August. The city and its people dress up in white and green and the air is filled with the smell of basil. This holiday is declared to be of national tourist importance and attracts a large number of tourists and party-goers of all ages both nationally and internationally.

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