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For one week, from 9 to August 15, Huesca celebrates its fiestas in honor of its patron, San Lorenzo. The city was completely transformed by dressing in white and green, the air is filled with the smell of basil and citizens take to the streets with his best side to celebrate the Feast of San Lorenzo

On the morning of 9, and as tradition, thousands of people fro, Huesca look forward to the firing of the rocket announcing the start of the festivities in the Plaza de la Catedral. Within these celebrations, we must emphasize the dancers of ancient tradition, the procession of the day 10 and the festive offering at closing. In addition, acts cheerful and boisterous will be programmed with the relevant importance of the Bullfight.
The city attracts los of visitors these days, which are fully integrated in the environment thanks to the hospitality of Huesca.

The festival of San Lorenzo have been declared of National Tourist Interest.

Huesca capital also attracts prople on dates as San Vicente, the small town festival, held on 22 January with the traditional bonfire and patatada;Carnival, with its cavalcade; St. George, the day of Aragon, with the pilgrimage to the shrine located atop the hill that bears his name;o the Easter in Huesca, followed by a large crowd and also declared of Regional Tourist Interest.

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