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This is a green space, the street recently created bounded by Pedro Arnal Cavero, Augustinians and Mercy rounds and Isuela River bed, near the campus of Huesca.

The pool, fed by a stream of water with thirty feet high that comes from the ditch Almériz,stands as a central element of the set.
Besides being an ornamental point of all green and fluid regulatory element subsurface waters, emanating from an old and important irrigation canal gardens of the city which once occupied the tanneries, are used for irrigation in the area gardens, tree and shrub in the park. In the pool may be waterfowl and plant species found along its banks own the margins of ponds, such as rushes, reeds and lilies. Riparian trees such as poplars and willows, and garden species such as almond and quince trees, up the tree of green space that usually stands out as a large mass of grass enclosed by stone gabions and wire mesh, old ways of simulating orchard..

A playground and a bike path that runs along the river bank up the rest of the set.

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