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This is the green lung of the city. It is a natural area located in the center of the capital where you can admire a variety of flora and fauna along with a wide range of sculptures scattered throughout the various walks of the enclosure.

The rise in its garden belongs to the twenties and has more than eighty different tree species, which coexist with shrubs and aquatic ponds. The distribution of different plant species, paths, fountains and lakes creates distinct ecological zones in which you can see a large number of species of birds (doves, jays, thrushes, robins, blackbirds, chickadees, titmice, etc..) With other animal species.

Access to the park has several entrances, the main street of Rioja,which walk in the shade of palm and citrus trees, leads to its center. Before us the bandstand, right Ramon Acin ride or the Bow, which is located the only monument dedicated to the origami art, considered one of the emblems of the city. On the left stands the White Shed next to the monument to Walt Disney and the front we find a lily pond surrounded by gardens with magnolia, all framed by a vast set of Aleppo pine. At the entrance to the park by John XXIII Avenue, next to the statue of the Kings of Aragon, are the lake and the gardens of the "solarium", rich in honeysuckle.

The park has a wide diversity of tree species, among which are yews, magnolias, willows, horse chestnuts, varieties of cypress, mulberry, locust, linden, maple, laurel, cedar Himalayan common and some unique copies of the tree ginkgo biloba, one of a kind.

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