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Located west of the city, offers a broad view of it, dominating it from one of the highest natural geographical points of the municipality.

This had at the time military strategic value and time of the reconquest, when apparently it was fortified in the late eleventh century as a surveillance of Muslim troops, receiving then the name of El Pueyo de Sancho.

The original chapel that crowns the hill was built around the XIII century in commemoration of the Battle of Alcoraz, where legend has it that St. George appeared in the middle of the fray in support of the Christian troops.

The present building, without external peculiarities, sixteenth century. Its interior is divided into three parallel aisles and vaulted. In front, an altarpiece from the same period is about the battle of Alcoraz and employers of Huesca, San Lorenzo and San Vicente. The foothills are covered with Aleppo pine vegetation, constituting, together with Miguel Servet Park, one of the green lungs of the city.

The whole area is used every April 23 as a gathering and celebration of the feast of the saint.

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